Mr Njel
Mr Andraye Nbazo

Miss Arrey obtained a B.Sc double Honours degree in Women and Gender Studies /Sociology and Anthropology from the Anglo Saxon University of Buea in 2002.She also possesses a diploma (DDS) in Development Studies. She enjoys working on gender and Social issues, data analysis and disability related matters .She serves in the Trade Mark Department in SPOOR & FISHER Inc. NGWAFOR & PARTNERS.

NGWAFOR & PARTNERS is composed of the Founder, Associates, Paralegals, Consultants, An Accountant and Personal Assistants. Our paralegals and Associates all have postgraduate degrees in Law, while our consultants have been very useful in the areas of Energy, Business Taxation, Customs and Excise and in matters where Law and Economics come together. It may be helpful to look at the profile of the Founder and the other Experts.

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