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Mr Andraye Nbazo


Mr Andraye Nbazo obtained his Licence from the Higher School of Polytechnic in Yaoundé, Cameroon, before gaining admission into the prestigious “Institute National des Sciences Appliquée” (INSA) in Lyon, France. One time Deputy Director of TOTAL Cameroon, he participated in virtually all the feasibility studies, the development and construction of large hydroelectric projects in Cameroon. He was appointed as one of several Engineers to carry out studies on the Song Lou Lou Hydroelectric Plant (384MW); Appointed Head of the Control Unit for the construction of the Hydroelectric development project of LAGDO(72MW) and a 7.5 billion M3 storage Dam; Appointed deputy Head for the construction of the Mapé storage Dam (3.2 billion M3); Appointed Development Manager for the Song Lou Lou Special Project; Appointed Deputy Director – Environmental Impact Assessment for the Lom Pangar Storage Dam Project (6-7 billion M3 ) under the supervision of ARSEL (Agency for the Regulation of Electricity in Cameroon). In addition to this enviable list of positions of authority held, it should be noted that Mr. Andraye Nbazo served in the National Electricity Corporation in Cameroon (SONEL) for 24 years rising to the rank of Development Project Manager.

Today, he advises Hydromine Inc. in Cameroon, and NGWAFOR & PARTNERS Law Firm.

NGWAFOR & PARTNERS is composed of the Founder, Associates, Paralegals, Consultants, An Accountant and Personal Assistants. Our paralegals and Associates all have postgraduate degrees in Law, while our consultants have been very useful in the areas of Energy, Business Taxation, Customs and Excise and in matters where Law and Economics come together. It may be helpful to look at the profile of the Founder and the other Experts.

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