NGWAFOR & PARTNERS have developed a successful practice in Oil and Gas, Mining and Energy. The clients with whom the Firm works are there to confirm a very positive story. The working relationship with HYDROMINE Inc., of New York, for example, has expanded to higher heights. Hydromine Inc. (including its affiliates) has been engaged in developing a variety of mineral projects including bauxite, iron ore, magnesium, nickel and coal, along with mining and processing of those minerals into intermediary products such as pig iron and metallurgical coke, plus the final step of making aluminium and steel. Together with its Dubal and Hindalco partners, they are now engaged in the mega-bauxite mining/alumina refining project in the Northern part of Cameroon. And because this involves the construction of a state-of-the-art refinery, Hydromine Inc. is also engaged in Hydro-electricity to generate sufficient energy for the project. Hence, NGWAFOR & PARTNERS have in their team highly skilled and experienced consultants on hydro-electricity.

NGWAFOR & PARNERS also act for FAMETAL MINING RESOURCE, CAMEROON, a Chinese company which is involved in the mining of gold in the Eastern part of Cameroon. Beyond our borders, NGWAFOR & PARTNERS are part of the legal team for BSM Petroleum and Petrochemicals Limited, Nigeria. The company was created to carryout exploration, drilling, production and refining of crude oil and petroleum. It should also be mentioned with a happy note that the founder of NGWAFOR & PARTNERS is a member of BSM Board of Directors and has been co-opted into the following committees:
1. Finance;
2.Refinery Implementation and,
3. Inter-governmental implementation.

BSM intends to sell its products in Nigeria and the ECOWAS region as a whole.

As a follow-up to all these mega projects by Hydromine and partners in Cameroon, our clients are also bidding for the construction of a Deep Water Port and Railway Links on a BOT arrangement with the Government of Cameroon. So, NGWAFOR & PARTNERS has expanded its counselling to include issues on Maritime, Environmental Law, Insurance, Labour Law, Immigration, Transportation ( including Civil Aviation)etc. The attorneys in NGWAFOR & PARTNERS possess this enviable quality of being able to listen to the plea of their clients and provide well-thought out solutions.

Pr. E. N. Ngwafor / Mr. Peter L. Briger
Pr. E. N. Ngwafor / Mr. Peter L. Briger

The services rendered by the Firm turn on Business Law in general. And in this connection, the Firm has played key roles in transactions concerning the following areas:
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Corporate and Business Transactions
Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy
Intellectual Property
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