MR. David Ross attended the University of Capetown in South Africa, where he earned a B.A. and later an LL.B. in 1980, finishing at the top of his class. Upon graduation he won a Kramer Scholarship into the prestigious University of Cambridge, England where he obtained an LL.M.  And in this connection, it is important to note that MR. David Ross set the same pace in the University of Cambridge by finishing at the top of his class. At Cambridge, he specialised in Commercial Law with a specific emphasis on Credits and Securities, Company Law, International Economic Law and Finance, and European Union Law. He returned to Zimbabwe after his LL.M at Cambridge, and was inducted as an Advocate of the High Court of Zimbabwe. He worked as a Prosecutor for one year and then joined Scanlen and Holderness, Attorneys and Advocates, arguably the biggest Law firm at that moment in time. He became an important partner of this Firm and represented corporate clients doing business in the South African region in varied sectors such as: mining, iron and steel, agriculture, banking and negotiable instruments. He however decided to leave Scanlen and Holderness in 2001. Two years later, MR. David Ross was hired to work as a Consultant by a United States Law Firm, David Bernberg and Associates, where he offered legal advice in the areas of maritime and international trade law. He moved to London in 2004 as a consultant with the Firm of Brachers & Maidston Kent, Solicitors. He currently serves as the U.K. representative of NGWAFOR & PARTNERS.
NGWAFOR & PARTNERS is composed of the Founder, Associates, Paralegals, Consultants, An Accountant and Personal Assistants. Our paralegals and Associates all have postgraduate degrees in Law, while our consultants have been very useful in the areas of Energy, Business Taxation, Customs and Excise and in matters where Law and Economics come together. It may be helpful to look at the profile of the Founder and the other Experts.

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