NGWAFOR AND PARTNERS was founded by Professor EPHRAIM N. NGWAFOR whose contribution in the academic world and in legal practice has been most commendable.

The Founder

The Firm has an enviable list of well-trained and experienced attorneys (Barristers, Solicitors, and academics) who have every-so-often given satisfaction to many foreign investor.

Because of its colonial heritage, Cameroon is a bi-jural country where English Law (Common Law) and French Law (Civil Law) operate side by side our National Laws. This arguably unique situation, undoubtedly creates challenges for any investor in such an environment.

The team of experts in Ngwafor & Partners have been well groomed in these two systems of Law. Small wonder that the Firm enjoys an unimpugned reputation throughout all of Central and West Africa. The wishes of their clients have been our primordial challenge and the springboard for their experience stems from playing influential roles in national and international business transactions, counselling local banks and their foreign partners, and sorting out complicated legal matters concerning Corporate and Project Finance, telecommunications, patents and trademarks (Intellectual Property in general - It is worth emphasising at this juncture that there is a department solely responsible for the registration of patents and trademarks), energy, mergers, acquisitions, insolvencies and restructuring giant international concerns. We should also add that the Firm runs a Department incharge of litigation. Hence, in cases where Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or Arbitration fail, our clients can rest assured that the Firm’s team of experienced Barristers will be able to handle the litigation file in court.

So, be confident that NGWAFOR & PARTNERS will give you enormous satisfaction when it comes to Corporate Finance transactions and solid Corporate Counselling. And this will be so for your projects in the Republic of Cameroon, the CEMAC ZONE and West Africa in general.

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