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Our value proposition

Our value proposition

Question: Why choose NGWAFOR & Partners?

Answer: There are 6 (six) reasons why we are the law firm you need for a changing continent and a changing world:

Results Focused: The default position of all members of our staff is to prioritise the concerns of our clients especially in relation to the success of their business activities and projects. We are positive thinkers and our minds are set to constantly search for the silver lining, the bright side and make the best out of every situation no matter the cards we are dealt with.

Forward Thinking: Our team is a potpourri of solid academic qualifications obtained from higher education institutions across the world combined with years of both international and indigenous experience. Although, the legal profession is one that has been locked in tradition with a sort of generic approach to rendering legal services, our lawyers are a new breed. They are more than just a “dictionary” of knowledge about existing laws and regulations and offer a fresh approach to client care hinged on technology, integrity, professionalism and a robust code of ethics which provides a unique client experience. The adoption of this defined forward thinking skillset coupled with our open-mindedness is a differential that sets us apart.

Interactive Technology: We have harnessed technology by developing a client portal which provides a formidable platform for our clients to communicate with us seamlessly from anywhere in the world at any time of their convenience. This is helpful in sending messages and getting important updates on the status of client engagements as well as obtaining alerts on next steps and deadlines. Also, our offices enjoy high speed optic fibre connectivity which enables smooth communication with our clients no matter where they are in the world.

Client Care: Our clients’ best interests come first and thus, we pride ourselves in going over and above for our clients. Our standard of client care centered on commitment, courtesy, competence and confidentiality is constantly reviewed to ensure we improve on performance. We have adopted very robust confidentiality policies which ensure client information and communications remain strictly confidential at all times. Simply put, we are professionals you can trust.

Also, we have incorporated an out-of-the-box approach and always put ourselves in a position to assist in other business related matters for example issues concerning human resources, recruitment and immigration (visa and residence permit) matters, public relations, marketing, tax and accounting issues (leveraging on the extensive experience of our in-house accountant).

Partnerships and Integration: We have built strong trust-based working relationships with the various arms of government. This combination of partners with varied administrative experiences enables access to government ministries, agencies and their officials. As such we are capable of providing a variation of services to our clients that can assist in navigating bureaucracies and fostering relationships with official organizations within the machinery of the government.

Concurrently, our law firm is integrated in the continental marketplace. We assist clients to solve multijurisdictional and interdisciplinary challenges frequently. This is so because we have developed collaborative relationships with international law firms and foreign legal counsel who permit us efficiently handle client issues across jurisdictions and time zones.

It is worthy of note that we are also able to provide information on energy, infrastructure, real estate, mining projects and financial services opportunities available in Cameroon which may be of interest to our vast network of major clients worldwide.

Location: Our offices are based in Yaoundé (the capital city of Cameroon) which is convenient for prompt and timely dealings with all arms of government including agencies and parastatals in order to accelerate turnaround times. Also, we are situated precisely in the Golf district- Bastos neighbourhood which provides an advantage in relation to proximity with a surfeit of embassies, multinationals, multilateral organizations, and the representative offices of several international institutions.


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