NGWAFOR & PARTNERS also covers issues dealing with Project Finance ,Legal issues on project initiation, project closure and restructuring ,cross-border Financing and due diligence. As legal Counsel for Hydromine Inc., New York much work has been covered. Hydromine Inc. (including its affiliates) has been engaged in developing a variety of mineral and energy projects. In Cameroon Hydromine‘s objective is to develop an integrated and billionaire investment project with several partners including the government and private establishments; And in this connection we accompanied Hydromine in the following projects;

  1. NGWAFOR & PARTNERS prepared the incorporation of the company, CAMEROON ALUMINA LIMITED (CAL), an industrial complex to develop bauxite reserves in MINIM MARTAP /NGAOUNDAL in the north of Cameroon.Hydromine owns two licenses to this effect which today it has transferred to the Joint Venture (CAL) comprising ,Hydromine Inc.,Hindalco Industries Ltd and Dubai Aluminum.
  2. Adamaoua Agro-Industrial Pole (ADOPOLE) Hydromine has proposed to government and completed the prefeasibility study to develop a project whereby the government will provide Hydromine and its partners 500.000 hectares of land in the northern Savannah region for cultivation, and surprisingly this is near to the site of the Cameroon Alumina Limited project in the Region of Adamaoua.
  3. Hydromine Clean Energy: this includes the Mbakaou/Pont rail hydroelectric projects and bio-energy to provide energy to the industries (CAL ALUMINA Refinery) and secure energy to the public sector. The government of Cameroon and Hydromine have signed a letter of Intent (March 2009) for the first hydroelectric studies plant /water storage project near CAL’s bauxite Mining and likely Alumina Refinery site. Prefeasibility studies have been completed for:

    (i) Mbakaou(Mousere) Site (nominal250-350 MW)
    (ii) Grand Eweng Site (nominal about 1000NM) that depends on water regulation from Mbakaou (2600hm3) existing reservoir /Pont Rail (3400hm3) future reservoir.

  4. Aluminum Smelter Project (about 500.000 tons per annum) and grand Eweng HEP 1000MW/7300 GWH/year.
    Hydromine and its selected partners intend to develop and construct, and so add value to the Cameroon Alumina Limited (CAL) Mining Project, a state of the art aluminum smelter with a projected annual capacity of 500.000 tons, using the great hydroelectric potential of the country while ensuring the creation of additional employment for nationals through the development and construction of the Grand Eweng hydroelectric site, located at the coastal Region of the Country.
  5. Infrastructure Projects Kribi-Rocher du Loup-deep water Port and Railroad Edea/Kribi.
    Hydromine has conducted many studies and discussions with the Cameroon government regarding the development and construction of the Kribi Rocher du Loup deep Water Port and Railroad link (about 145 km) between the future Port and Edea.

Other infrastructure Projects like the improvement of the existing railroad between Ngaoundal and Edea and the future railroad between Mballam and Kribi have been subjects of discussions between Hydromine and some private investors under the supervision of the Cameroon government.
Finally, NGWAFOR & PARTNERS serves as legal Counsel for FAMETAL MINING RESOURCE, Cameroon, a Chinese Company which is involved in the Mining of gold in the Eastern Region of Cameroon.


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